Welcome to the New Zealand Rail Maps Volumes site. This site provides access to files which the Project is producing in the static JPG, PDF and GPX formats. These formats are used as follows:

  • The JPG format maps are wrapped into zip files that contain all of the maps for one section of a complete volume.
  • The PDF format maps are similar in appearance and function to the JPG format, but are wrapped into a PDF file that can be printed out to obtain a physical volume.
  • GPX files can be loaded into a handheld GPS unit and used for live navigational assistance when travelling within or near to a rail corridor.

All of these different formats have various uses and all are very suitable for use offline in the field where a reliable or continuous internet connection may not be available. Static maps’ main disadvantage is the maps are not updated in real time, or according to any fixed frequency schedule.

Browse the News page to read about Volumes site updates or access the Downloads page for a list of files that can be obtained from the site. Use one of the subscription options listed at the bottom of the page to automatically monitor changes to the site.